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Life Lessons Football Teaches

Posted by Jordan Snider on Aug 12, 2019 5:00:27 AM

USA Football shares some life lessons learned while playing football that go beyond the field.  Here are some other ways to look at football and what your children gain from playing:

  • establishes competitive skills - study your competition and improve your own abilities to be a better individual and team player
  • builds discipline - requires discipline for rigorous practice and game schedules all while  managing academics, as well
  • develops the ability to follow - one must learn to know when and how follow
  • grows leadership skills - learning to follow well can shape strong leadership abilities
  • broadens the understanding of accountability - every player is integral to the team and each player's actions affects the team whether in wins or losses
  • teaches the value of practice - the more you practice the better you can get
  • develops an understanding that there are no shortcuts - practice, sacrifice, endurance, dedication, etc. is required


For full article:   15 life lessons from football that shouldn't be overlooked

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