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3 Tips For Getting Into The Olympic Spirit

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jul 12, 2016 11:37:20 AM



The Olympics will kick off in Rio on Friday August 5 2016 and continue for over two weeks. With the 2016 Olympic games approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how your team is going to get involved this year. While a trip to Rio may be off the cards, there are other ways you can celebrate these historic games.


International sporting competitions like the Olympics are a great way to encourage team bonding, sportsmanship and some healthy competition within your team. Your team will be inspired by the athletic performances on offer at the Olympics. The Olympics encourages people to watch sports, to talk about sports and generally become interested in sports. This can be great for team morale and provide a boost to your team members. So, to make the most of those two weeks of sporting fun, here are three tips for getting into the Olympic spirit:

Have an opening night party

The opening night celebration at the Olympics is a pretty big deal. The hosting countries usually spend a great deal of money on an entertaining and vibrant evening performance to be enjoyed around the world. You’ll get to see some of your favorite athletes and cheer on the US as athletes are introduced to the cheering crowds. Invite your team mates to watch the celebrations!

Hold a mini Olympics

You don’t need to leave the Olympics to the professionals, you can get your team involved too. Why not organize a mini Olympics event for your team to compete in? This could be a day long tournament with your neighboring teams, allowing the local community to get involved and support community sports. A general athletic competition solely for players from your team to get involved with could also be a valuable event. Selling tickets to the event and putting the money towards something new for a good cause could also serve as a fundraising event for your team.

Celebrate your sport

Whatever your sport might be, you should take this opportunity to celebrate it with your team. Invite the team to join you watching your favorite sports professionals compete for the medals. Nothing builds comradery quite like cramming in the club house and watching the games around a television. It’s also a great learning opportunity, after all, these competitors are the best in their field, what can your team learn from them?


How will you be celebrating the Olympics this year?

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