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Who are the people behind Future Stars? Julia Duffy's Journey from Camper to Counselor

Posted by Jordan Snider on Mar 6, 2017 5:00:51 AM

First day of camp and jittery nerves go together like bread and butter.  Julia Duffy looks back at her 12-year-old self and remembers quite clearly how nervous she was.  As she got off the bus to walk across the long field, she met a camper from a neighboring town.  By the time they reached the end of the field, her nerves had calmed down and she had made a new friend.  For Julia, this chance encounter ended up leading to a long-term friendship with her new friend's older sister.

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Parent or Coach? What Happens When You’re Both?

Posted by Jordan Snider on Feb 2, 2017 5:00:44 AM

Parental involvement is key at every level. At school. Obviously, at home. And, when it comes to sports, too. But, what happens when you move from the sidelines and onto the field? That’s right – you’re the coach and a parent at the same time. Not only are you rooting for your child, but you have a whole team of children to help, too. Understanding how this balancing act plays out on the field, and at home is all part of being both parent and coach.

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5 Reasons to Have the Team Over

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jan 26, 2017 5:00:53 AM

Having an sports team squished into your living room might not be your idea of a dream evening, but it could be just what the team needs.

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The How-To’s of Team Bonding

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jan 19, 2017 5:00:27 AM

ten There’s no “I” in team. Right? Whether you’re a parent, a coach or a player, building a bond between team members is absolutely essential. Not only does team bonding foster good sportsmanship, but it also helps the players to develop their social skills. Along with these benefits, bonding brings the team together and helps them to act as a unit – instead of as individual players who happen to be on the same field or court. So, how can you help the team bond? Check out these ways for bringing the group together and creating that much-needed sense of unity.

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Welcoming New Teammates

Posted by Jordan Snider on Nov 17, 2016 5:00:10 AM

Roger has been on the same basketball team for five years. In that time, he has made several friends and has even attended the same school as most of his teammates. Roger’s comfortable situation is about to change. His father’s promotion at work requires the family to move to another city. Amongst other things, a family's relocation has immediate impact on a child’s athletic life.

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Picking a New Sport

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jul 29, 2016 11:46:43 AM

You’ve played soccer since preschool and were first at bat on the t-ball field. But, now you’re thinking of starting a new sport. How can you pick a new athletic activity? It’s not always easy – especially if you’ve been playing the same sport for years. Whether you’re looking for a change or want to add another activity to your roster, make selecting a new sport easier with a few simple steps!

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3 Great Ideas For Team Cooperation

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jul 9, 2016 11:36:15 AM


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Sports, Players and Giving Back through Community Service

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jun 15, 2016 12:07:51 PM

We all know the typical fundraiser routine. Coach or parent-in-charge hands out forms to buy candy bars, wrapping paper, candles, frozen cookie dough, or subs. The athletes’ parents quickly hit up everyone on their email list for donations. The money goes to a good cause – the kids themselves! Sports leagues put it back into the community to help buy uniforms, equipment, and support training clinics. But, what about donating it to someone else? Supporting local (or even national) organizations by fundraising and service projects gives the kids a chance to learn about giving and teaches them that teamwork happens both on and off the field.

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What To Do When You Don't Get Along With A Teammate

Posted by Jordan Snider on May 8, 2016 3:02:11 PM

Your teammates are your support on the field and your relationship with them is important for the whole team. So what can you do if you don’t get on with a teammate?

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5 Ways To Bond With Your Team

Posted by Jordan Snider on Apr 14, 2016 12:26:46 PM

To improve your performance on the field, it’s important to strengthen the bonds off the field. Here are just a few ideas of ways you can bond with your team mates.

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