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5 Reasons Why Girls Love Sports

Posted by Jordan Snider on Apr 8, 2016 12:26:05 PM

Gender stereotyping is bad for boys, bad for girls and definitely bad for sports. When we underestimate the strength, determination and capability of girls, we starve the world of future sports stars.

Aren’t we a little tired of hearing that sports aren’t for girls? Girls should be busy dreaming of becoming princesses, perfecting their nail varnish and fancying boy bands. Girls are much too ladylike to want to spend time fighting over a ball, getting muddy and leading their team to victory. Come on, this is very old school thinking.

Girls love sports just as much as boys do. There’s nothing inherently male about loving sports. Girls are more than capable of dominating on the field. Those old-fashioned stereotypes are not only holding girls back, they’re holding female sports back. It’s 2016 and it’s definitely time to embrace sports-loving girls and encourage the next generation of inspirational sports stars. Here are five reasons why girls love sports:

  1. Because they’re strong

Think girls only care about being skinny? You’re wrong. Look at inspiring women like Serena Williams who aren’t afraid to build muscle, show off their strength and look powerful. Strong is the new skinny. Team sports offer girls the opportunity to improve their fitness, grow strong and discover just how incredible their bodies are. Girls learn more about body confidence through sports than they do through teen magazines and advertising campaigns.

  1. It releases adrenalin

Exercise makes anyone feel good. It releases feel good hormones that improve your mood, reduce stress and can even fight depression. Spending time exercising can improve sleep, improve fitness and generally increase happiness. Getting involved in team sports is a great way to put exercise firmly on the agenda. Playing sports with your friends doesn’t feel like a chore, instead it’s something you can look forward to each and every time.

  1. It’s competitive

Competition is a healthy part of growing up and team sports are a great place to let that competitive streak out. Competition encourages us to strive to improve ourselves, to work harder and to dream bigger. These are all valuable lessons for young female athletes. Team sports provide a safe and appropriate place for girls to embrace their competitive nature and strive for improvement.

  1. Friends for a life-time

The friends you make through team sports will be friends who stay with you for life. These girls who have your back, cheer your victories and help you score the winning goals will grow into the women who support you through life’s ups and downs.

  1. It boosts confidence

Want to feel good about yourself? Join a team of like-minded individuals all aiming for the same goal. Want to love your body? Push it to its limits. Want to feel good about yourself? Do something you haven’t done before. Team sports force girls to learn new skills, get out of their comfort zone and take calculated risks.

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