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5 Tips to Encourage Your Sport Loving Kids to Focus on School

Posted by Jordan Snider on Oct 7, 2015 9:58:54 AM

Having a kid who loves sports is great, but what if it comes at the expense of their study? All parents want their kid to have a plan b, just in case that dream of being a professional athlete doesn’t work out as planned.

Everyone has a passion in life, and if your kid’s is sports, you may be struggling to keep them focused on school too. If your kid loves running across the field, tackling members on the other team and scoring those winning points, it’s no wonder the quiet environment of the classroom doesn’t appeal. Your child might dream of being a professional sports player, and though you want to support and encourage them, you know that millions of other kids out there share the same dream.


So how can you encourage your child to focus on school and get good grades? It’s a question parents have been trying to answer for generations. If your child has a lot of extracurricular activities, it can be hard to find the time to do homework. So how can you make it a priority and get your kid excited about school?


#1: Show an interest

If sport is your kid’s passion, there’s a chance it’s yours too. If you know your kid loves talking about it, then you will too. You’ll get just as excited listening to the blow by blow account of each game. But do you show the same enthusiasm for school work? If you want your kid to be interested in school, then you need to be interested too. Ask them what they’re learning about, help with homework, or share some interesting thing you learned while you were still in school. Try to make school yet another thing you can bond over.


#2: Make time for it

One thing's for certain, schools are setting too much homework these day. Some kids have hours to complete each evening. This is on top of sports clubs, drama groups, music lessons and socializing. Oh, and that little thing called family time. It’s a juggling act, and it’s all too easy to drop a few balls. Make sure you don’t let your child fall behind on their homework. Make sure there is time each day for them to focus on school work, but don’t let it come at the expense of that much-needed family time.


#3: Create a homework space

You know yourself just how important a work environment can be. If it’s cluttered, disorganized or filled with distractions, you may not work as effectively as you would otherwise. The same is true for your child. Make sure they have an organized and quiet space to do their homework. Somewhere free from distractions.


#4: Encourage Free Time

Kids benefit from structure, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Children need time to get messy, play and run around free from the rules of sports. Children can end up feeling burnt out after too much time spent in structured activities and groups, so make sure you prioritize free play at home too. It also helps to spread homework throughout the week, so you avoid having homework for four hours on a given night.


5: Even pros need a good business mind

Professional sports players don’t have careers that will last them a lifetime. The career span of a professional player is short. Some go on to be coaches, allowing them to continue making money whilst doing something they love. Others go on to become entrepreneurs. Some manage their money wisely whilst they’re getting the big bucks and manage to support themselves that way. It’s all too easy to be knocked out of your dream job because of injury, so it’s important to have a plan b. After all, how will your child manage his millions properly if he didn’t pay attention in math class?

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