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50 Activities to Reduce Screen Time For Kids This Summer

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jun 27, 2024 6:49:41 AM

We are certainly living in the digital age — screens are everywhere, from televisions and tablets to smartphones and gaming consoles. 

While technology offers fantastic opportunities for learning and entertainment, it’s easy for kids to spend too much time glued to their screens. 

But don't worry; we've got you covered! 

This summer, let's turn off those screens and dive into a world of fun and engaging activities that will keep your kids active, creative, and connected to the world around them. 

fun activities for kids

Whether exploring the great outdoors, crafting unique masterpieces, or playing exciting sports, a whole universe of screen-free activities is waiting to be discovered. 

How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

With so many screens capturing the attention of children, it’s essential to find a healthy balance.
So, how much screen time is too much? 

Current guidelines suggest that children aged 2 to 5 should have no more than one hour of screen time per day, while older kids and teens should aim to keep their recreational screen time under two hours a day.

However, these are simply guidelines — no one knows your children better than you do!

Excessive screen time can negatively affect both physical and mental health. Too much screen time can lead to eye strain, headaches, and poor posture. It can also impact sleep patterns, making it harder for kids to get the rest they need to grow and thrive. 

Mentally, excessive screen time can contribute to issues like anxiety, depression, and decreased attention spans.

Reducing screen time brings a host of benefits. Kids who spend less time on screens tend to have better focus and concentration, improved sleep, and more opportunities for physical activity. They also get the chance to develop social skills, creativity, and a love for the outdoors. 
By encouraging your kids to step away from the screens, you’re helping them build healthier habits that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Strategies You Can Use to Reduce Screen Time

Before we dive into the activities, let’s look at some specific strategies you can use to reduce screen time in your home.

Create Phone-Free Zones

One of the best ways to cut down on screen time is to designate specific areas in your home where screens are off-limits. 

For example, the dining room and bedrooms could become phone-free zones, encouraging more face-to-face interactions and providing a space for relaxation without digital distractions. 
To make these zones effective, try putting up visual reminders, like cute signs or posters!

Set and Stick to Limits

Setting clear boundaries is vital to managing screen time. 

Start by establishing daily or weekly limits based on your children’s age and needs. For instance, you might decide that after two hours of screen time, it’s time to play outside or read a book. The trick is to be consistent with these limits. 

Consistency is crucial for making these limits work, so stick to the plan as closely as possible!

Lead by Example: Monitor Your Own Screen Time

Kids often mimic their parents’ behavior, so it’s important to lead by example. 

If they see you constantly checking your phone, they’re likely to do the same. Try setting aside phone-free times during the day, like during meals or family game nights. 

Plus, reducing your own screen time is valuable, too! 

Engage and Interact with Your Kids

Active engagement with your children during their non-screen activities can make a big difference. 

Play board games, tell stories, or embark on DIY projects together. Your involvement enhances the enjoyment and benefits of these activities, creating a more enriching experience for your kids. 

It’s also a wonderful way to strengthen your bond and create lasting memories, which is always a good thing!

Promote Social Activities with Friends and Family

Social interactions are essential for children’s development. 

Arrange playdates or family gatherings that focus on screen-free fun. Group activities like sports, picnics, or cooperative games can be a blast and help kids develop social skills. 

Face-to-face interactions provide emotional and social benefits that screens simply can’t match, fostering stronger relationships and a sense of community.

Reward System: Earning Screen Time Through Chores

Introducing a reward system where children earn screen time by completing household chores can be very effective. 

Create a list of age-appropriate chores, like tidying their room, doing dishes, or helping with yard work. Assign screen time rewards based on the completion of these chores.

This system teaches responsibility and time management while also limiting unnecessary screen time. It always helps to have some help around the house, too!

50 Activities to Reduce Screen Time 

The absolute best way to keep your children off their screens and enjoying the summertime!
If you’re running out of ideas, we’ve got a plethora of options. Check out these 50 activities to reduce screen time, organized by category.

Outdoor Activities and Play

When the sun is shining, why not get outside and have a blast from various outdoor activities? 
From family walks and hikes to extreme adventures, there's no end to the fun you can have in the great outdoors. Discover new places, breathe in the fresh air, and get moving with activities that keep everyone entertained and active.

Here are outdoor activities and play ideas:

  • Family walks and hiking
  • Treasure hunts
  • Obstacle courses
  • Gardening
  • Biking

girl playing

Family Outings and Activities

Make lasting memories with exciting family outings!

Whether you're camping under the stars, visiting theme parks, or creating your DIY time capsule at home, these activities are perfect for spending quality time together. 

Get ready for laughter, adventure, and unforgettable family moments.

  • Camping
  • Theme parks and water parks
  • Carnivals
  • A DIY time capsule
  • Volunteering

Crafts and Art

Feeling a little creative? Why not try your hand at some art together?

From drawing and painting to making salt dough and beading, there's something for every budding artist. 

These activities are perfect for rainy days, quiet afternoons, or wherever your kids feel like getting creative.

  • Drawing and coloring
  • Painting
  • Make/decorate greeting cards
  • Beading
  • Knitting, Sewing, and Needlework
  • DIY Slime
  • Origami
  • Nature Collage

If your child loves these activities, we have the perfect solution — Future Stars Art Camps! Children can practice the art they love while getting the unmatched Future Stars summer camp experience. 

Sports and Physical Activities

Keep your energy high and have fun rolling with sports this summer!

Whether it's a game of tennis, soccer practice, or a backyard obstacle course, these activities are great for building skills and staying active. 

kids playing football in park

Better yet, why not enjoy these sports at a summer camp? Future Stars summer camps offer unforgettable camp experiences in a variety of sports — we’ll link to them below.
Get ready to cheer, play, and enjoy some friendly competition.

Indoor Activities

Even when the summer comes around, there are still some days with bad weather — but that doesn’t mean screens are necessary.

Instead, transform your home into a fun zone with engaging indoor activities.

From baking and cooking to building forts and dancing, there's no shortage of ways to keep the fun going inside. Perfect for those rainy days or when you just want to stay cozy indoors.

Individual Activities

Encourage your kids to explore their interests with a variety of individual activities — we all need some alone time every once in a while.

Whether reading a good book, learning a new language, or solving puzzles, these activities help develop essential skills while providing endless entertainment.

  • Reading
  • Photography
  • Learning a new language
  • Puzzles
  • Model building
  • Writing (Journal, Stories, Poetry)


Bring out the board games, chess sets, and more for some classic family fun. 

Whether you're designing your own board game or organizing a game of Capture the Flag, these activities are perfect for bonding and friendly competition.

  • Chess
  • Board Games
  • Making Your Own Board Game
  • Capture the Flag
  • Foursquare
  • Sardines

STEAM Activities

Learning doesn’t need to stop when school ends.

From science experiments to engineering challenges, STEAM activities combine learning with hands-on fun. Perfect for inquisitive minds and budding inventors.

  • Science experiments
  • Technology projects
  • Engineering challenges
  • Art projects
  • Math games

For children with a vested interest in these subjects, why not try a STEAM camp?

Future Stars STEAM camps teach children a variety of subjects depending on their interests, including:

  • 3D Design And Printing
  • Coding
  • Game Design
  • Animation
  • Circuit Adventures
  • Programming
  • Minecraft
  • Robotics

Get Your Children Off Screens With a Fun Summer Camp Experience

We can’t think of a better way to reduce screen time than by signing your child up for summer camp!

No matter your child’s interests, there’s a Future Stars summer camp option for them. Basketball, soccer, cheerleading, STEAM options, and much more come with an unforgettable camp experience. 

Sign up for summer camp today and keep your child away from those screens!

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