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A Lifetime Of Fitness Can Start On The Field

Posted by Jordan Snider on Dec 31, 2014 3:00:17 AM


Maintaining physical fitness is key to healthy adult life, and participating in sports as a child teaches great lessons that help toward this goal.

It isn’t breaking news that obesity is a problem that has swept across the United States, and parts of the rest of the world as well. Maintaining a healthy weight throughout adult life is one of the biggest factors in staying healthy, yet more and more people are having trouble doing just that. While an increase in awareness has started to chip away at the problem, there is a lot more work that needs to be done to restore our population to a healthy weight.

The good news is that it is relatively easy to set your child up on a path toward a lifetime of fitness- simply enroll them in sports when they are young. When a child is exposed to fun, rewarding, and fulfilling activities at an early age, they will be far more likely to continue with physical activity later in life. Most of the attention in regard to the obesity problem in our country is related to nutrition; however, physical exercise plays just as important a role in managing weight. Only when a person is able to combine a healthy diet with regular exercise will they be able to control their weight successfully.

Learning Skills and Understanding Exertion

One of the many benefits of participating in sports is learning how to exercise and developing habits of an active lifestyle. It can be difficult to get started on a physical fitness routine for adults who were never active as children because they never had the opportunity to learn those skills and get comfortable pushing their body through physical challenges. The same way your child would be unable to do math as an adult if they never learned it as a child, they need to learn how to exercise effectively so they can carry that knowledge with them throughout their life. Sports are the perfect way to teach kids about exercise because they will be having fun while they are learning these valuable lessons.

As your child continues to grow, they may or may not decide that they want to be involved in sports throughout high school and beyond. Regardless of how long they choose to play organized sports, the things they learn and habits they develop about caring for their bodies and getting regular exercise are important to their long-term well-being. When they become adults and take on the responsibilities of adult life – jobs, children of their own, etc. – it will become more and more difficult to stay physically fit. However, you will have done them a huge favor by instilling basic exercise skills from an early age. Hopefully, as more and more children are engaged in sports, the obesity problem faced in this country will begin to fade away.

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