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All About Future Stars Magic Camp!

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jun 24, 2021 6:30:00 PM

When we think about summer camp, a few different activities come to mind: Basketball, soccer, football, and many other sports make up a typical summer camp. Campers of all skill levels attend to learn more about their sport of choice and leave with exciting memories. 

However, there’s more to summer camp than just sports. 

Enter Future Stars Magic Day Camp!

Future Stars Magic Camp is a perfect opportunity for those who want a fulfilling camp experience but want more than just sports and outdoor activities. Let’s dive into some of the specifics. 

What is Magic Camp?

The Future Stars Magic Summer Camp is as the name suggests: A camp where children between the ages of 7 and 15 will learn different magic-related skills, tricks, and illusions. 

The camp director, Gary Ferrar, brings years of experience in both teaching and performing magic to the program. His career in magic has led him to perform in various venues, from Nickelodeon to America’s Got Talent. 

On top of learning up-close magic tricks of the trade, campers will also perform a magic and illusion show at the end of each session.

Magic Camp Skills and Activities

Future Stars Magic Camp will have campers participating in a variety of magic-related activities to learn fascinating magic skills, including:

  • Card tricks
  • Improv skills
  • Street magic
  • Coin magic
  • Stage illusions
  • Historical magic

Magic camp won’t have campers holed up inside the entire time either. There will be swimming activities and outdoor field days to give children an opportunity to exercise and get away from the classrooms for a little while. 

A Typical Day at Magic Camp

What does a typical day at magic camp look like for campers? 

Normal days will follow this schedule:

  • 9 AM: Orientation - Campers will get situated and learn about what they’ll be doing for the day
  • 9 AM: Magic skills - Here, campers will learn and observe the different tricks-of-the-trade in the realm of magic
  • 11 AM: Swimming - Campers will get a chance to cool off in the pool
  • 12 PM: Lunch - Campers will relax and socialize during lunch
  • 1 PM: Magic skills - More time spent learning various magic skills and illusions
  • 2 PM: Field play - Campers get the chance to burn off some energy and participate in various outdoor activities
  • 3 PM: Magic practice - Campers will put their skills to the test to put on a magic show of their own
  • 4 PM: Departure 


Unique Experiences at Magic Camp

Future Stars Magic Camp is unique in the sense that it offers more opportunities to form deep connections with other campers. Our more experienced campers can act as role models and offer guidance to our newer campers. 

As we’ve previously mentioned, magic camp is one camp option for children who want the chance to meet new people and make new friends, but also might not be into sports specifically. There are still scheduled outdoor activities and swimming, but the bulk of days will be spent learning the unique skill of magic. All of these aspects come together to make our magic camp an unforgettable experience for children of all ages. 

Which Locations Offer The Magic Camp? 

The Future Stars Magic Camp is currently offered at the following locations:

  • SUNY Purchase College 
  • Farmingdale State College
  • St. Joseph’s College

All of our locations offer similar programs and magic-related activities for campers. 

Future Stars Magic Summer Camps Offer Something Different for Campers

Children have vastly different interests and passions. We understand that not all children want to attend camp solely to play different sports. 

That’s what makes our magic camp so unique. It gives campers a chance to meet new like-minded people and form connections while pursuing a brand new passion. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the Future Stars Magic Camp today!

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