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Anticipation Paired With Expectation

Posted by John Mees on Jun 17, 2014 11:41:15 AM

We’re thrilled to announce that June is here! The thought of a new summer conjures up images of sun-splashed days and ice-cream truck chasing. Whatever your association is with summer, and we all have them, we at Future Stars always couple our anticipation of the summer solstice with spending quality time with our campers. What makes our company unique, however, is that our anticipation comes with clear expectations.

Here is a list of our expectations for our campers’ experiences for summer 2014:

Our campers will be active for hours each day;

Our campers will create new friendships and solidify old ones;

Our campers will talk endlessly about how much fun his/her counselor is;

Our campers will finally fall asleep at their bedtime (goes back to the active expectation);

Our campers will look up to their counselors as role-models;

Our campers will learn and enhance their fundamentals in a particular sport;

Our campers will learn what it means to look people in the eye when speaking;

Our campers will learn what it means to win with grace and lose with dignity;

Our campers will gain valuable experiences that will help build and maintain their self-confidence;

Our campers will improve their coordination and balance through age-appropriate drills;

Our campers will learn what it means to be a true team player;

Our campers will be taught how to push themselves to be better people;

Our campers will observe the proper way of treating others;

Our campers will treat others well and with respect;

Our campers will swim;

Our campers will run;

Our campers will smile;

Our campers will sweat;

Our campers will have a blast!

My expectation for this summer: Continue my passion to educate the youth of America on how to grow as people through the blessing of athletic competition. The anticipation is killing me!


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