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Basketball for Young Children

Posted by Jordan Snider on Oct 11, 2019 5:00:06 AM

Basketball is an easily relatable sport for young kids as they naturally love to run and jump, and then just add dribble and shoot. shares some skills to work on with younger children:

  • Balance is a great place to start.  Show them how to spread their feet apart, flex the legs on their knees, maintain their upper body in an upright position, with head facing in front and parallel to the ground, and flex their arms on their sides.
  • Dribbling is always fun and encourage them to learn to dribble with both their dominant and non-dominant hand.  Practice is important and being able to dribble well with both hands is key.
  • Share proper shooting techniques and ask them to observe the right form and style.  Then encourage them to shoot balls into the hoop without jumping (set shot) or while jumping (jump shot).
  • Learning to pass is important and should be encouraged.  Show them how to pass the ball and teach them to assess who they should pass to.
  • Footwork plays an important role as they start to play games.  Teach them the right way to coordinate dribbling with their footwork to avoid violations such as travelling.

Basketball can be played anywhere there is a hoop, dribbling and running can be done on most hard surfaces, play with your child and slowly introduce the skills to match their abilities.  Mostly, just have fun!


For full article:  Basketball Skills to teach young Children

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