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How to Cope with Fear Before or During a Game

Posted by Jordan Snider on Nov 16, 2018 3:00:36 AM

You are hard core when you practice, your skills are solid, you incorporate coach's directions well, and you live and  love basketball.  Yet, before every game and sometimes even during the game -- you feel that tight knot in your stomach and you recognize it clearly as fear.  Why?  Truth is it is normal for any competitive basketball player who plays with passion and desires to get their team on the right side of the score board.

See what Inspirational Basketball shares on how to manage these fears.  Studies show that this angst can stem from:

  • High expectations - external or internal
  • Previous injury

Whatever the cause of your fear, work on training your mindset, and here are some tips to focus on:

  • Remind yourself that it is just a game and that you will play well to help your team
  • Concentrate on the current play, give this moment your best, and don't worry about the outcome
  • Focus on your breathing, if you start to feel anxious
  • If you are worried about re-injuring yourself, remind yourself that you have been medically cleared to return to the sport
  • Basketball teaches you much more that just winning
  • Smile and be happy that you are playing a game that you love


For details: How to Overcome Fear Before & During a Basketball Game

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