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Are You a Fast Pitch Pitcher?

Posted by Jordan Snider on Sep 3, 2018 5:00:40 AM

Pitching is not easy and to be good, as in any position in any sport, practice, conditioning, and mental toughness are paramount.  Here are 5 things that Softball is for Girls, shares that every pitcher should know:

  1. Errors are not a reflection of your pitching - there are many variable that you do not have control of that contribute to errors.  Stay calm and continue to pitch your best.
  2. Batters will hit - batters hitting is a given, don't get pscyhed out.  Strikeouts are good but so are grounders and pop-ups.
  3. You could have pitched incredibly well and your team could still lose - as a pitcher you are only responsible for earned runs.
  4. Concentrate more on the location and timing of your pitches and not just the speed.
  5. Expect that you can have days that you are completely off - don't allow one game to define you.  Get back out there and refine your pitches.

For more information:  5 Things EVERY PITCHER Needs to KNOW | Softball is For Girls

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