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Health Benefits Associated With Rock Climbing

Posted by Jordan Snider on Nov 26, 2018 5:00:37 AM

Rock climbing is an indoor or outdoor sport with the goal of reaching an end point like the summit or the top of a structure with the aid of specialized equipment.  Rock climbing requires vigorous physical and mental stamina, and because it is a dangerous sport it is vital that you educate yourself on the appropriate climbing techniques and that you use the right specialized climbing equipment for safety reasons.  Rock climbing is a dynamic sport and here are some of its health benefits as shared by Health Fitness Revolution and Samir Becic, author of the book ReSYNC Your Life :

  1. Combines cardio and strength into a single workout
  2. Strengthens and tones muscles
  3. Bolsters mental strength
  4. Reduces stress
  5. Burns calories

Aside from its health benefits, rock climbing is an exciting and challenging sport.


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