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Horseback Riders, What's in a Tack Trunk?

Posted by Jordan Snider on Apr 29, 2019 5:00:14 AM

Ellen Brunelle shared with SmartPak some of her tools of the trade that she has in her tack trunk.  Ellen has had her own horse since she was 13.  And her current, best equine friend, Nemo is a 14-year-old Morgan gelding. Ellen and Nemo spend time together having fun at jumpers, trail riding, hunter paces, and dressage.

Having owned horses for many years of her life, Ellen has acquired quite a lot of tack and horse care supplies.  Here are some of the things that she has in her tack trunk that might be of use to you and your best equine friend:

1. Vetrolin Shine - Ellen uses this daily when grooming.  Ellen finger picks instead of using a brush and finds this product loosens tangles and adds shine to hair and coat.

2. EquiFit Clean Balm - Ellen uses this product for superficial wounds and finds it helpful with tick bites.  It is easy to use and designed to kill fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

3. Sore No-More Classic Liniment - Ellen rides Nemo 5 days a week and notices that sometimes he has sacroiliac joint pant (SI) and stifle soreness.  Together with an exercise program designed to strengthen these areas, Ellen applies this liniment after rides.  It seems to help Nemo's muscles and soft tissue to relax and recover.

4. Woof Wear Sport Brushing Boots - Ellen uses this leg protection for Nemo every day whether they are doing flat work,  jumping, or trail riding.  They are well-made, durable, and they don't absorb water.

And here is Nemo's favorite, SmartCookies.  Fun treats that don't have added sugar and come in different flavors.


For more details: Peek in My Tack Trunk: Ellen B.

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