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An Intro to the Types of Dives and Scoring

Posted by Jordan Snider on Dec 13, 2019 5:00:25 AM

Woody Franklin of Liveaboutdotcom shares what he knows about the different types of springboard and platform dives:

  • there are six basic types of dives in springboard and platform diving
  • four involve somersaulting, either toward or away from the diving board or platform, and include using a forward approach and hurdle, or a backward press.
  • another type of dive adds twists to any of the other types
  • the last type is the armstand, which combines somersaults and twists. and used exclusively in platform diving

How do you identify a dive by its three- or four-digit dive number?    Here's how to decipher the codes:

  • the first digit indicates the basic dive type with each dive given a number, for example 1 is forward and 6 is an armstand
  • the second digit of the dive number will always be 0 or 1. This indicates that the dive is either a normal somersault (0), or is a "flying dive" (1), which is almost never seen in competition
  • the third digit indicates how many half-revolutions the diver is making
  • the final letter A, B, C, or D refers to the dive position — straight, pike, tuck, or free, for example A is a straight position dive with no bend at the knees or hips and C is a tuck position dive, where the body is folded up in a ball

There is so much more to learn about the different dives and their coding, enjoy discovering more about your sport.


For full article:  The 6 Types of Springboard and Platform Dives

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