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Juggling Book Review

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jul 12, 2019 5:00:15 AM

So your camper is enamoured with juggling, Circus Talk shares a book review of Anthony Trahair's book, 'Pearls of Juggling–Wisdom & Advice'.  Here are some interesting tidbits about the book:

  • at its core, Trahair, a juggler and yoga aficionado turned physical theater actor, has combined all of these movement based philosophies in to one big world view with juggling at its core
  • it touches all levels of jugglers
  • composed with rich illustrations provided by multiple artists
  • covers everything juggling related from brain enhancing benefits (emotional  and philosophical aspects), to the physics and practical tools required
  • is a pragmatic tool for a juggler (advising on stretches, training schedules and techniques, act creation, etc.) and also an inspirational tool that delves deeply into all aspects of juggling
  • gives advice about how to retain the joy of juggling
  • it is a good tool for a juggling coach to use with students, citing movement quality exercises like juggling with animal qualities, juggling with emotion, using the Laban method, incorporating contact improv, how to involve acting, comedy, addressing  group work, etc.
  • Trahair bypasses actual juggling tricks or site swap pattern and rather explores every unsung and under-explained nook and cranny of juggling–how to put together a sequence, how to improvise, what constitutes a show, when is an act too long, how to perform with lights in your face, where to perform, the importance of Youtube videos for juggler inspiration, and the thrills of street juggling
  • this nugget of juggling was published by crowdfunding


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