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Lacrosse Drills to Try Out

Posted by Jordan Snider on Sep 2, 2019 5:00:10 AM

Beginner Lacrosse shares some drills to practice with young players.  Here are a sample of drills to try out:

  1.  Lacrosse Catching Drills
  • Basic passing & catching with a stationary partner – practice right and left hand passes & catches.
  • Two kids running down the field in parallel passing back and forth. Running & catching with your non-dominant hand can be tough for beginners.2.  Cross handed catching drills.

2.  Lacrosse Shooting Drills

  • Have your players – Run, dodge (past a defender – real or imaginary) and shoot on the goal.
  • They should practice righty and lefty shots. Basic shooting drills should include dodging & shooting from the top and the wings.

3.  Lacrosse Defense Drills

  • Practice various checks (i.e. poke checks, lift checks, slap checks, etc.) in order to dislodge the ball from your opponent.
  • A player must practice moving his feet and screening an opponent off from the goal. Have an attackman try to blow past the defender in order to score and the defender must stop a clear shot just by moving his body.

4.  Lacrosse Cradling Drills

  • Practice two hand cradling while running down the field. Switch from left to right side on each whistle blow from a parent/coach.
  • A little more difficult – Practice one hand cradling while running down the field. Switch hands on each whistle blow from a parent/coach. Remember to teach the kids to lock their non-cradling arm in place to avoid any warding penalties.

5.  Lacrosse Ground Balls Drills

  • Roll ball out and two players charge out to “win” the ball. The winner should then try to shoot on a goal and the loser should defend against this shot. You can also make it harder with three players going after one ball.
  • Practice scooping ground balls (without pressure) from a variety of angles. You can roll the balls quickly towards the players in the front as they run towards you. Next, you can have the players scoop the balls from the side as they run across the field laterally away from you.


For full article and many more drills:  Beginner Lacrosse Drills

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