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A Moment in the Life of Future Stars' Campers

Posted by Jordan Snider on Sep 18, 2019 5:00:31 AM

Welcome to “2019 Camper Moments”!  Even though our summer camp has ended, we will continue to feature campers from a variety of camps at Purchase on Wednesdays.  Please contact us with any requests to know more about Future Stars Camps at:


Meet Julia, I met her at Horseback Riding camp and she is quite a horse enthusiast!

Farah:  When did you start at Future Stars Camp?

Julia:  Last week, I have been here for 2 weeks of horseback riding. I have siblings but they are not here.

Farah:    What camp are you in this week? 

Julia:  Horseback riding. I am only here for horseback riding.

Farah:  What have you been working on this week?

Julia:  Brushing horses and riding horses

Farah:  What is your favorite part of this week?

Julia:   Riding horses.

Farah:  What are you most looking forward to this week? This summer?

Julia:  Riding the horses!

Farah:  Do you have a favorite counselor? 

Julia:  You! Because I like you!


Farah:   What are your hobbies?

Julia:   I like to sing and dance and play with my friends, and read.

Farah:   What is the best part of being a kid?

Julia:  You get to do whatever you want!

Farah: What grade are you in? What do you most enjoy about school?

Julia:  I’m going into 2nd. I like math because my grandma said it’s fun!

Farah:   What do you want to be when you grow up?

Julia:  I don’t know yet but I think a dancer.

Farah:  What is your favorite memory from camp? 

Julia:  I really loved meeting new friends and meeting the counselors!


For more information about the Horseback Riding Camp at Purchase, or to enroll, visit our Horseback Riding page, today.

Image Credit: Future Stars Camps

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