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A Moment in the Life of Future Stars Campers

Posted by Jordan Snider on Aug 29, 2018 5:00:12 AM

Meet Joclynn! She has been a camper at Future Stars Camps since she was 5 years old.  She is now 14, this makes Joclynn a Future Stars pro at this point!  Joclynn is a delight to talk to.  We were cutely interrupted by her little sister Addie during the interview!  Joclynn is now in soccer camp and has been sticking to soccer for quite some time.  Here is my conversation with this soccer star.


Meg:  Hi Joclynn!  I heard that you have been attending Future Stars Camps for some time?

Joclynn:  “Yes! I have been coming here since I was 5 and so that would be 9 years.”

Meg:  That is amazing!  Have you tried out different camps in the years that you have been attending?

Joclynn:  “Yes! From what I can remember, I have attended Cheerleading, Swim, Diving, Tennis, and Soccer camps.”


Meg:  So in recent years have you been mainly at soccer camp?

Joclynn:  “Yeah, soccer is my main sport so I mostly have been at soccer camp.  This summer, I only did soccer camp.”

Meg:  How many weeks have you come for this summer?

Joclynn:  “I think 5 weeks!”

Meg:  Do you think that soccer camp has helped you improve as a player?  Especially because you come for so many weeks every summer and because you come to soccer camp for most of those weeks.

Joclynn:  “Yes absolutely.”


Meg:  What specifically do you think you have improved on?

Joclynn:  “I have improved on using my left foot really confidently.”

Meg:  Great! So since you are 14, will you be a freshman next year?

Joclynn:  “Yeah!”

Meg:  Will you be trying out for your high school’s soccer team?

Joclynn:  “Yes, I want to.  Camp has helped me feel a lot better about my tryouts so I think they will go well.”

Meg:  Are you going to do any other sports?  Or is soccer your main sport?

Joclynn:  “I am going to do track and field, I think.  I like track too!”

Meg:  That’s great.  I am sure that you will do great at both tryouts.  So what would you say is your favorite part about coming to future stars?

Joclynn:  “I think that my favorite part would be coming back every year and seeing my friends from past years.  Since I have been here for so long, I have made a lot of friends and it is always good to see them when I come back, even if we are not at the same camp.”


Meg:  I bet that is nice.  So what would you say is your favorite part about soccer camp?

Joclynn:  “I would say my favorite part is the scrimmages that we have in the afternoon.  All of my new skills are really shown when I am playing in a game.”

Meg:  Well, Joclynn thanks so much for talking to me and I am so glad that you have been coming back all of these years! Good luck at your tryouts and I know you will have a blast in high school.


Image Credit:  Deposit Photos


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