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A Moment in the Lives of Future Stars' Campers

Posted by Jordan Snider on Sep 25, 2019 5:00:45 AM

Welcome to “2019 Camper Moments”!  Even though our summer camp has ended, we will continue to feature campers from a variety of camps at Purchase on Wednesdays.  Please contact us with any requests to know more about Future Stars Camps at:


I stopped by Field Hockey Camp and met 5 young ladies and asked who would be interested in being interviewed and they all agreed to do it together.  Meet Keara, Kate, Sofia, Bella, and Eve.

Farah:  When did you start at FS? 

Field Hockey Campers:  We all started on Monday except for Bella.

Bella: I’ve been here for 3 years. It’s my first time at Field Hockey camp. I used to do Swim camp.

Eve: I started in kindergarten and then took and break and came back last year. Last year, I did field hockey, too.

Farah: How long are you here for?

Field Hockey Campers:   Some of us are here for one or two weeks of field hockey and one of us is going to Lacrosse camp next week.

Farah:   What have you been working on this week?

Field Hockey Campers:  We’ve been working on passing, hitting, drills and games. Teamwork. 

Farah:  What is your favorite part of this week?

Field Hockey Campers: Games and scrimmages. It’s fun to practice all the things you’ve been working on. Mini games!

Farah:   What are you most looking forward to this week? This summer?

Field Hockey Campers:

  • Getting better at field hockey.
  • Learning new skills and seeing the improvement.
  • I just started playing so its been really fun and helpful.
  • It’s also really good to practice before school starts.


Farah:  Do you have a favorite counselor? 

Field Hockey Campers:  We like both of them. They’re really good coaches, they teach you a lot and they challenge us, but at the same time they are very easy going. They don’t ever yell at you if you’re wrong.  They just share a  better way to do it. 

Farah:   Is there someone that you look up to or admire? 

Field Hockey Campers:  

  • A family friend, she lives in England and she got 7 field hockey scholarships to college. 
  • Probably, my mom because she played in college and she coaches now.  My mom also teaches me stuff. 
  • My sister because she’s been doing it for a couple years and the only family member that plays field hockey. 
  • I also pick my sister because she’s really good at field hockey and she’s been captain for a few years. She teaches me what to do. 

Farah:  What is the best part of being a kid?

Field Hockey Campers:  You don’t have to make life decisions yet, and you don’t have to stress out about everything. There’s also not a lot of pressure. You don’t have to worry about making money or going to a job. 

Farah:  What grade are you in?

Field Hockey Campers:   Two of us are going into 6th, two others to 7th, and one of us is going to 9th.

Farah:   What is your favorite memory from camp? 

Field Hockey Campers:

  • My favorite memory was when we first started because it was so much fun to try a new sport for the first time. 
  • Meeting everyone, scrimmaging, and lunch time because we get to talk with friends.
  • Meeting new friends and bonding with the teammates. 
  • Playing games and meeting friends.
  • Meeting the coaches because they’ll always be my favorite.


For more information about the Field Hockey Camp at Purchase, or to enroll, visit our Field Hockey Camp page today.

Image Credit: Future Stars Camps


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