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Multi-Sports Thoughts

Posted by Jordan Snider on Dec 16, 2019 5:00:27 AM

"Former Ohio State Head Football Coach Urban Meyer recently stated that he prefers recruiting athletes who are involved in other sports."  Here are some reasons why:

  • coaches like to see athletes with their own eyes, not just on film therefore they can see an athlete competing during other seasons.
  • some recruiters feel that other sports give athletes an edge from a competitive standpoint

Power Sanford Health has these positives to share about being a multi-sport athlete:

  • multi-sport athletes have a much higher chance of remaining active as adults
  • the variety of movements and activities can limit the occurrence of overuse injuries associated with just one sport or skill.
  • playing multiple sports gives athletes time to heal and develop different muscle groups and movement patterns.
  • multi-sport athletes haven’t had that intense emphasis on one sport and are more likely to retain their love of the game.
  • different types of skills can be applied from one sport to the next.

Zoe Lipke, a multi-sports athlete had this to say about her personal experience:

  • she plays soccer and basketball
  • her schedule is packed solid between practices for both sports
  • she sometimes get less than five hours of sleep a night
  • she has had injuries

Zoe also shares, "However, playing different sports has put me ahead in several aspects of my life. From a leadership perspective, I have grown so much over the years, and playing multiple sports that are so different from each other allows me to express leadership in more ways that one."


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