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Why Music for Your Future Stars?

Posted by Jordan Snider on Sep 13, 2019 5:00:49 AM

Introducing music to young children can be a magical journey for your child and you.  Music also has benefits that go beyond music appreciation, Think Fun shares why you should consider adding an introduction to musical instruments:


  1. Teaches perseverance and creates a sense of achievement - learning to play an instrument requires time and patience.  Ultimately, succeeding at playing an instrument and perhaps even performing brings about an appreciation for an accomplishment that requires dedication.
  2. Enhances math skills -  numerous research studies reveal a close relationship between components of music-like beats, scales, and rhythms and binary numbers.
  3. Improves memory - "As a child learns the chords and beats and then tries to replicate them, their short-term memory is stimulated, which eventually converts into a long-term memory."
  4. Improves reading and comprehension skills - reading and comprehending chords and sequences consistently while learning to play is a great reading habit to instill.
  5. Encourages responsibility, perseverance, and discipline - most of the skills required to play an instrument well.
  6. Creates opportunities to learn about culture and history - every musical instrument has a origin story and learning about where and how an instrument was created broadens a child's cross-cultural exposure.
  7. Brings happiness to the instrumentalist and others who hear them - "There have been numerous researchers that have stated that music can stimulate happy centers in the brain."

Music is enjoyable and often brings people together.  Playing an instrument is a life-long joy that your child can hold onto.


For full article:  7 Benefits of Music Lessons for Children

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