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Need Ideas for STEM/STEAM Activities?

Posted by Jordan Snider on May 17, 2019 5:00:58 AM

STEAM Powered Family shares a thorough guide to STEM/STEAM activities that will help encourage children's interest in inquiry-based learning through hands-on discovery and meeting children at their ability level.  The guide shares:

  • basic explanation of what STEM and STEAM are and their relevance to education
  • shares inquiry-based teaching strategies
  • guide to adapting STEM activities to varying abilities
  • introduction to STEM/STEAM kits
  • listing of STEM/STEAM books
  • lots of STEM/STEAM activities

STEM and STEAM activities meet children at their level and introduce them to a love of learning as they explore and discover at their own pace.  "If an education produces a person who has lost their passion for learning, lost their curiosity, and removed their motivation to continue learning and growing, then it has failed. Education needs to support children in their learning journey, where ever that journey takes them in life. It should inspire and foster their passions to create successful, life-long learners."


For more information:  Ultimate Guide to STEM Activities – With over 100 activity ideas!

For more information about the variety of STEAM programs at Purchase, or to enroll, visit our STEAM page today.

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