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Realbuzz shares some tips for neophyte tennis players

Posted by Jordan Snider on Nov 2, 2018 5:00:32 AM

Are you thinking about starting to play tennis? shares some tips for neophyte tennis players:

  1. Be thoughtful when choosing a racket.  Beginner and junior-sized rackets are often quite affordable.   Seek advice from a sales assistant and pick a racket that matches your body and grip size.  Keep in mind that rackets can be restrung for tension and broken strings.
  2. Practice is always key.
  3. Consider tennis lessons.
  4. Always warm-up and cool down, try stretches and light jogging.
  5. Stay hydrated and have a light snack during breaks.
  6. Aspire to hit the ball at waist height.
  7. Work on your speed, try skipping rope.
  8. Start off with learning the right grips for different shots from a tennis coach or a more experienced player.
  9. Be active and improve your endurance with aerobic exercise or playing more tennis or other sports,
  10. Stay calm and don't worry about what has happened, concentrate on your next point.

Work on developing good habits with a more experienced player or coach.  Be patient with yourself, work on your fitness, practice and stay calm.  Most of all enjoy the sport!

For more details:  Top 10 Tips For New Tennis Players

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