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Prepared for Your Audition?

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jan 25, 2019 5:00:47 AM

So you read about an audition for a play that you can see yourself in.  You know that you have what it takes, so you decide that you are going to audition for a part.  An Onstage Blogger who is also a director shares her tips on how to prepare for an audition:

  • read the script before the audition to grasp a clearer understanding of the plot, the characters, and their desires
  • add a personal touch to your audition that will make it standout
  • bring your resume which shares your experience and abilities
  • be satisfied with what you have been given to read and don't ask for more
  • do some research beyond the script to get to know the story, the characters, the setting, and the motivations of the characters

Try out these tips, hopefully you will get the part or at least get a callback.   Break a leg!

For details:  My Five Tips for Community Theatre Auditions

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