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Short Glossary of Diving Terms

Posted by Jordan Snider on Dec 9, 2019 5:00:49 AM

If you're thinking about diving, here are some terms that you should think about learning:

Approach — the three or more forward steps the diver takes toward the end of the board.

Armstand dive — a dive that's executed from a motionless armstand position on the edge of only solid platforms

Backward dive — a dive in which the diver begins with their back toward the water

Degree of difficulty or tariff — a measure of each dive and it's used to determine the final score

Entry — the point in a dive in which the diver makes contact with the water

Execution — the carrying out of the dive where the diver will be looking to maintain good control

Forward dive — the diver faces forwards and rotates forwards away from the board

Inward dive — the diver begins with back to the water and rotates toward the board after take-off.

Pike — the diver bends their body forward at the waist, legs are straight and the toes are pointed

Platform or firm board — the solid diving board from which competitors dive

Reverse dive — the diver faces forwards and rotates backwards towards the board.

Somersault — a move that involves a complete rotation of the body with the heels over the head

Springboard — a flexible diving board that adds to the diver's own spring on take-off

Straight — a position in which body is straight from head to toe, with the feet together, and the toes pointed

Synchronised diving — two divers of the same gender perform the same or complementary dives from the same level board at the same time — the aim being to execute their dive in a similar fashion to the other

Take-off — the moment at which the diver lifts from the board or platform to begin execution of the dive

Tower — the entire diving platform structure

Tuck — a position in which the diver bends their knees, bringing or ‘tucking’ the knees and thighs closer to the chest and heels toward the buttocks

Twisting dive — any dive that includes a twist, whether forward, backward, reverse or inward


For full article:  Glossary Of Diving Terms

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