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Soccer Ball Size by Age - What Size Is Right for Your Child?

Posted by Jordan Snider on Nov 25, 2022 7:07:58 AM

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We love soccer at Future Stars. It’s fast-paced and fun for children of any age. Plus, it’s a great workout and requires very little equipment; you only need a field and a ball.

However, like many other sports, skill levels and learning curves vary significantly by age. In soccer specifically, it’s best to use an age-appropriate ball size to help children develop their soccer skills at the right pace.

Not sure which size ball is right for your child? No problem. Here’s every soccer ball size by age to help you identify the right choice.

What Soccer Ball Sizes Exist?

There are five standard sizes of soccer balls, with one being the smallest and five being the largest. 

We’ve put a chart together to make comparing soccer ball size by age easy. For those who want more information on each sizing and why it’s important, we’ll cover that below.


Soccer Ball Size



Age Group


Less than 20 inches

195-205 grams

3 and under


20-22 inches

250-280 grams

3-5 years


23-24 inches

300-320 grams

5-8 years


25-26 inches

350-390 grams

8-12 years


27-28 inches

410-450 grams

12 and older 


Size One

Size one is the smallest soccer ball size and is meant for children ages three and under. For parents who want to get their toddlers kicking the ball as early as possible, this is the soccer ball size you’ll want to use.

Soccer balls of this size have other uses as well. Some older players like to use this size to practice certain moves and technical training. 

Soccer events also like to use size one balls for giveaways and souvenirs.

Size Two

A size two soccer ball is largely uncommon, with many programs opting for a size three ball right out of the gate. 

However, similarly to a size one ball, this size is often used for technical drills and as a souvenir for events. 

Size Three

Size three is the most common size found in youth soccer and is ideal for children ages five to eight. This is also where it’s important to mention why segmenting soccer ball size by age is crucial for developing soccer skills.

A size three ball is smaller and lighter than a regulation-size soccer ball, meaning that it’s perfect for teaching proper handling and control to younger players who might not be able to handle the weight of a traditional ball. 

Size Four

A size four soccer ball is largely considered to be a transitional ball size—bigger than the size three used by youth but not quite the size of a regulation ball. This size is perfect for children ages eight through twelve. 

The additional weight over a youth ball helps older children get accustomed to the size of a regulation ball without diving in too quickly. This ball size is perfect for this stage of soccer skills development. 

Size Five

A size five ball is the most common soccer ball in the world, used by adults and professionals. Once a child is over twelve, this is the ball they’ll want to use for practice. 

Official matches should be using a “FIFA approved” ball, which is a soccer ball that has been tested professionally to confirm the official weight and size. 

Why Is It Important to Use the Right Size?

Is it wrong to start young children with a regulation-size ball right away? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

For starters, young children will find it incredibly difficult to learn and develop soccer skills using a larger ball. The added weight and size make the ball harder for smaller children to move around and handle. This can cause confidence issues and frustration—potentially leading to the child wanting to quit playing altogether.

Using a regulation ball in youth soccer can also be a safety hazard. Smaller muscles trying to kick a ball not meant for their age group can create unnecessary injuries. Not to mention that a smaller child getting hit by a regulation ball can cause serious damage! For reference, a size five ball weighs almost a pound!

By sticking to an appropriate soccer ball size by age, we ensure that youth develop soccer skills properly—and without causing any injuries. 

Questions About Soccer Ball Size by Age?

Future Stars has been operating soccer camps for decades. Because of this, we know all about the importance of soccer ball sizes for different age groups. 

If you have questions, reach out to us. We’re here to help your child enjoy their journey into the world of sports.



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