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Staying in Touch with Friends after Summer Camp

Posted by Jordan Snider on Aug 3, 2023 8:44:50 AM

Summer camp is always an exciting time for children, whether they've been there before or they're attending for the first time. Even those who don't know anyone get the opportunity to make new friends and lifelong memories! 

What about after camp season ends? 

So many of us have friends to this day that we’ve met at camp or other memorable summer moments. Instead of never talking again, we chose to stay in touch. For some of us, these people have become our best friends that we trust with our lives.

Summer camp for your children doesn't have to be any different. Your little ones can stay in touch with their friends after camp and create friendships that last a lifetime. 

Over the years, we have seen campers united on the field/courts in high school and club team competitions; they have taken each other to their prom, and they have ended up at the same college!

We’re here to help you guide your child on staying in touch with their friends after summer camp. First, let’s talk about why this is so important for campers.

Why Is It Important for Kids to Stay in Touch after Summer Camp?

Although summer camp allows kids to stay active in sports or participate in their favorite activities, one of our favorite parts of camp at Future Stars is watching natural friendships blossom.

Summer camp is one of the best environments for kids to meet brand new friends—even shy kids can make new friends at camp!

Instead of placing kids with drastically different interests in a group, summer camp has kids separated by a specific program. This means that you have a large group of kids together all sharing the same interest.

Whether it’s basketball, soccer, baseball, science—or any other activity at camp—this grouping style makes it much easier for lifelong friendships to develop. 

Campers may even discover that they live close to one of their new friends. If this is the case, they can hang out or have playdates arranged during the year—getting them out of the house and away from screens. 

Even if they live further away, technology allows us to stay connected. There may still be opportunities to connect and keep friendships throughout the year.

Why limit friendships to a few weeks every summer? If campers can stay in touch and see each other outside of camp, it’s for the better!

How to Stay in Touch after Summer Camp

As we’ve mentioned, technology has made it easier than ever for friends to stay in touch after camp. Just think—40 years ago, your options would have been limited to the landline phone and sending letters!

For the older campers with cell phones, it’s simple: all they have to do is exchange numbers or social media handles to stay in touch. They can organize hangouts or simply chat throughout the year and wait for next year’s camp.

For the younger campers, it’ll be a little different.

  • Have your camper (with your permission) provide your phone number to their friend to give to their parents.
  • That way, you’ll be able to set up playdates on their behalf (if they live somewhere close to your child).
  • If your child is old enough to go on the internet, they can also chat with their new friends there. 

Staying in Touch after Summer Camp Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!

Over the years, we’ve seen many beautiful, lifelong friendships develop at Future Stars camps. We know all about the importance of making new friends!

If you have any questions about how your kids can stay connected after camp or about Future Stars camps in general, reach out to us. We’re happy to help. 

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