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Teaching Kids Golf: 10 Tips + How to Make It Fun

Posted by Jordan Snider on May 2, 2024 8:04:45 AM

Just like watching a well-aimed putt roll straight into the hole, introducing your kids to the sport of golf is an exciting time.

Whether it's the thrill of hitting their first ball on a driving range or putting through whimsical obstacles in mini-golf, the sport allows you to bond with your child and create a new lifelong passion.

So, when it comes to teaching kids golf, what can you do to make it more exciting? 

Introducing Golf to Kids

Golf can be a tough sport — the rules might be simple, but in practice, a lot of nuance needs to be learned. Trust us — it’s all worth it! 

Let’s break it down into bite-sized pieces that even the youngest players can grasp:

Start With the Basics

Before the little ones swing their first club, give them a rundown of what golf is all about. 

future stars golf camp

It’s like a fun walk in the park, where the challenge is to see how few strokes they can use to put the ball into a series of holes on a big, beautiful lawn. Explain that there are rules to follow, like waiting your turn and being quiet when others are swinging, which keep the game fun and fair for everyone.

First Impressions Matter

Remember the first time you rode a bike or scored a goal? Your child’s first day at the golf course should feel just as special! 

Make their initial golf experience unforgettable by starting with something supremely fun — like a visit to a mini-golf course or a family game at the driving range. These activities are perfect for sparking interest, packed with action and immediate rewards.

Use Simple Language

When explaining how to play, stick to simple language that kids can easily understand. 

Talk about "trying to get the ball into the hole using the least tries" instead of mentioning scores or handicaps. It’s all about making them feel comfortable and ensuring they're having a great time as they take their first little steps onto the green.

As kids learn to play, you can introduce them to the terms like “bogey” or “eagle” — which are fun-to-say terms that golfers use!

Fun Ways to Golf With Kids

Golf doesn't have to be all serious rules and hushed tones; it can also be a blast for kids! Here are some fantastic ways to introduce your little ones to the sport, ensuring they have loads of fun while they learn.

Mini Golf

Mini-golf is a fantastic introduction to golf because it combines fun with learning in a colorful and imaginative setting. Each hole is a unique game designed with engaging themes and challenges that captivate children. 

golf tips for kids

This environment is perfect for young players to build their putting skills and grasp basic golf concepts in a pressure-free atmosphere.

Par Three Golf Courses

Playing on a par three golf course provides an authentic golf experience and is well-suited for young golfers. 

These courses feature shorter holes that are faster to play and more rewarding for kids. They offer just the right level of challenge, encouraging young players to manage different clubs and start understanding how to navigate a course effectively.

Driving Range

The driving range is a thrilling place for kids, as they can focus purely on swinging and hitting the ball as far as they can. 

This activity is exciting for kids as they see immediate results from their efforts, which helps them understand the impact of their swing on the ball’s trajectory and distance.

Sports Entertainment Facilities

Top Golf, a leader in sports entertainment, offers an interactive and entertaining approach to the game with its range of digital scoring games and targets. It’s a lively setting that appeals to children and adults alike, making it an ideal venue for family outings. 

Veteran entertainment complexes like Dave and Buster's are known for their vast entertainment options, often including fantasy/high-tech games and classic midway entertainment. Many facilities have state-of-the-art golf simulators and mini-golf.

The games are designed to be inclusive, allowing players of different ages and skill levels to participate and enjoy together.

Golf Simulators

Bad weather outside? Take your golf game indoors!

golf practice at summer camp

Golf simulators are an excellent indoor alternative that brings the golf course to life through advanced technology. These simulators can mimic real-life golf courses from around the world, providing kids with a diverse and engaging learning experience. 

They are perfect for teaching weather-independent golf skills and can be a fun way to introduce young players to the complexities of different courses.

The New York area offers other kid-friendly indoor practice facilities and virtual golf games.

Golf Video Games

If your child loves video games, we have good news: it’s a great way to have them engage with golf!

Incorporating golf video games can engage kids by connecting the sport with their interest in technology. These games provide an accessible platform for children to learn about the strategy and rules of the game. 

They’re also great for helping kids understand course management and tactical play in a fun and familiar format — all from the comfort of home. 

Tips For Teaching Kids Golf

Teaching kids golf can be a challenge, but it’s a rewarding experience.

Here are 10 tips to help you be the best golf mentor you can be!

1. Gearing Up For Golf

Introducing kids to golf starts with the fun task of choosing the right gear.

  • Golf clubs - It's important to pick clubs that are just the right size and weight for young players. When clubs fit just right, they're easier to handle, making it more fun and less frustrating for kids to learn proper techniques. 
  • Golf balls - Let's not forget about the golf balls! Opting for bright, colorful balls can make the game more visually exciting for children and help them track their shots more easily. Plus, durable balls must withstand those enthusiastic swings and inevitable misses. 
  • Golf attire - And then there’s the attire — comfort and practicality should be the name of the game. Kids should wear clothing that moves with them and can handle the weather, whether it’s a sunny afternoon or a cooler morning on the course. Comfortable shoes are also essential, as they’ll be walking and standing quite a bit.

With the right equipment, learning golf becomes more enjoyable and a lot more effective, turning initial tries into lifelong hobbies.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to mastering golf, consistency is key! Shorter, more frequent practice sessions are usually more effective for young golfers than the occasional marathon. 

These bite-sized practices keep the excitement alive and prevent kids from feeling overwhelmed. Plus, they fit easily into a busy schedule, ensuring golf becomes a fun part of everyday life rather than a chore.

To spice things up, why not throw in some playful challenges and games? Mini-competitions, such as seeing who can hit the closest to the target or who can achieve the longest drive, make practice thrilling and engaging. 

These games add a layer of fun and encourage kids to hone their skills in a friendly, motivational environment. Keeping practice light and lively helps young golfers stay eager to improve and come back for more.

3. Communication at Their Level

​​When teaching golf to kids, the way we talk can make all the difference. It’s important to break down golf concepts into simple, easy-to-understand language. Think less jargon, more fun! Explaining things in terms they get, like comparing the golf swing to a pendulum swing they might see at the park, helps make the learning stick—and more enjoyable, too.

Just as crucial as what we say is how we say it. A positive tone and friendly body language helps young learners feel supported and confident. 

Smiles and high-fives can go a long way in making them feel good about their progress, no matter how small. By keeping our communication encouraging and upbeat, we help kids grasp golfing techniques and build their enthusiasm for the game. 

This positive atmosphere encourages them to keep learning and loving the sport.

4. Mastering the Grip

Getting a grip on the game starts with, well, getting a grip on the club!

golf camp practice

Teaching kids the proper way to hold a golf club is like laying the foundation for a sturdy swing. We want their hands to feel comfortable and secure on the club, giving them better control and power in their swings.

But why is a good grip so important? Well, imagine trying to write your name with a pen held awkwardly—it just doesn't work as well, right? The same goes for golf. 

A solid grip helps kids develop effective and safe swing techniques from the get-go. It sets them up for success on the course and helps prevent those wild shots that send balls flying off into the bushes!

5. Demonstration Over Explanation

Instead of bombarding young learners with lengthy explanations, let's get out there and show them how it's done. Kids are like sponges—they soak up information best when they can see and mimic what they should do.

Think about it: Have you ever tried to explain how to tie shoelaces without actually showing it? It's tough! The same goes for golf. By demonstrating golf techniques clearly and concisely, we give kids a visual roadmap to follow. They can see the proper stance, the fluid swing, and the graceful follow-through—all crucial elements of a great golf shot.

6. Consider a Summer Golf Camp

Consider sending your young golfer to a summer golf camp for an exciting blend of fun and structured learning. 

At a golf camp, kids benefit from comprehensive coaching, where trained instructors demonstrate techniques right before their eyes. Watching and then doing is the best way for kids to learn. They’ll see every detail, from the perfect stance to a smooth swing, up close. 

Plus, they won’t be learning alone; they’ll be alongside peers who are just as eager to learn and play. This group setting makes learning more fun and encourages a bit of friendly competition. 

It’s an immersive environment where kids can make new friends, have fun, and rapidly improve their golfing skills.

7. Coach With Kindness

When it comes to teaching kids golf, nothing beats a high-five and a "Great job!".  

Coaches who sprinkle their lessons with heaps of encouragement create a sunny atmosphere where young golfers can thrive. 

Think about it — no one likes to be bogged down by harsh criticism, especially when starting out. Instead, focus on clapping for those near-misses and cheering even the tiniest victories. 
This positive approach not only keeps the game fun but also builds up their confidence swing by swing. After all, a happy golfer is a motivated golfer!

8. Be Patient

Patience is a golfer's best friend — especially when teaching the little ones. Each child learns at their own pace, and having a coach who understands that can make all the difference. 

When you show patience, you're not just teaching them how to play golf; you're teaching them that taking their time is okay. This can lead to more effective learning and a far better experience on the course. 

So, remember, deep breaths and encouraging nods go a long way!

9. Have a Watch Party

Let children watch the pros in action to really ignite their passion for golf. Tuning into professional golf tournaments can be both inspiring and educational. 

It gives kids a chance to see the finesse and strategy of top players, providing them with visual lessons on everything from technique to sportsmanship. 

So next time there’s a major tournament, make it a family viewing event — it could be the perfect way to spark your young golfer’s dream of hitting the big leagues.

10. Keep it Fun!

The golden rule of teaching golf to kids? Keep it fun! 

Infuse your lessons with playful elements to keep the young players engaged and excited. Try organizing themed games on the course or setting up a treasure hunt where each hole offers clues. 

Don’t forget about creative rewards for skill improvement, like custom ball markers or a new set of tees for achieving milestones.

Keeping things light and enjoyable ensures that kids learn the game and develop a lasting love for golf.

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