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Teaching Tips for Basketball Enthused Parents

Posted by Jordan Snider on Oct 7, 2019 5:00:25 AM

So, you are a very enthusiastic basketball parent, perhaps you played on your high school or your college team and basketball memories are paramount to you.  You want to share that passion with your child.  Here are some fun ways that Breakthrough Basketball suggests that you introduce the "game of your life" to your children:

  • Have imaginative contests like ... Who can dribble standing on one foot?  Who can dribble with just one eye open?
  • Play "Simon Says" and include a hand signal.  Call out "Simon Says" commands and use hand signals to indicate movement to either the left or right. Looking at your hand signal will teach them to keep their heads up while dribbling.
  • Add a 20-30 puzzle game to the fun.  Use a puzzle piece as a prize for things like a layup, etc.  Put the puzzle together when done.
  • Play knockout.
  • Play dribble knockout.
  • Play horse

Enjoy this playtime with your child.  Give your child a chance to catch their passion for the sport in their own space and time.


For full article:  7 FUN Ways for Parents to Practice and "Sneak In" Basketball Skills with their Kids

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