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Tennis Games for Kids

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jul 29, 2019 5:00:30 AM

Active Kids shares tennis games to play with your kids to build skills and create moments of enjoyment:

  • Serve and Step to improve your serving skills. Start 5 feet from the net and serve the ball into the appropriate service box. For every successful serve, move one step backward and for every misstep, take one step back toward the net.
  • V-O-L-L-E-Y to  work on your volleying skills.  Hit from each section in the correct order and spell out Volley:
  1. V - left service box
  2. O - right service box
  3. L - left half of the service court beyond the service line
  4. L - right half of the service court beyond the service line
  5. E - left alley of the doubles court
  6. Y - right alley of the doubles court
  • "Rally in the Alley" to improve control over the ball. With a partner stand within the doubles alley and hit as many shots back and forth as you are able.  Be creative and limit to either forehands or backhands. or set a target of 15 -20 shots per rally.


For full article:  4 Simple Tennis Games for Kids

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