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How Do Tennis and Swimming Work Together?

Posted by Jordan Snider on Oct 4, 2019 5:00:04 AM

Speedo shares an interview with Andrew Fitzpatrick, pro tour’s youngest 27-year-old tennis coach.  Mr. Fitzpatrick encourages adding swimming and other off-court exercises to tennis players' regimens to improve their on-court abilities.  Here is a summary of why Andrew feels that swimming is good for tennis players:

  • Swimming is good for all sports in terms of rehab.
  • Low-impact swimming is great exercise to stay active while recovering from injury and for prehab.
  • Swimming is a preventative exercise against injury.
  • Swimming is appealing to tennis players as it brings variety to repetitive tennis drills.
  • Swimming is particularly good for joints and shoulders.
  • Tennis players spend a lot of time on hard surfaces, so a pool gives them a change to loosen up.
  • Swimming is a low impact sport and yet it is challenging and and provides a full body workout.
  • Using weights on your feet while walking from one side of the pool to the other  builds leg muscles.
  • Swimming is good for shoulder and back muscles.

"Years ago, tennis was just about what happened on the court, but now it’s more about what the coach and players are doing off the court, so everyone is trying to get that edge through fitness."


For full article:  Why Swimming is Key to Success on the Tennis Court

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