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What to Work on to Get Noticed by Field Hockey Coaches

Posted by Jordan Snider on Aug 24, 2018 5:00:24 AM

Tryouts for Fall sports are coming up soon. How prepared are you?  Revolution Camp's blog shares that field hockey coaches are not just looking at fancy stick skills but rather consistency in foundational skills which will bring you to the front of group.  Here are some areas you should work on:

  • sound fundamentals - work on receiving the ball in a controlled manner and passing it accurately.
  • mental toughness - there will always be ups and downs so develop your mental stamina and stay motivated,
  • self-confidence - being prepared mentally and physically will boost your confidence
  • solid vision - there are visual exercises to improve your vision and keeping your body in the best physical shape allows your mind to take over and strategize
  • solid decision making skills - work on your ability to make good decisions under stressful conditions

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