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Easy Ways to Start Your Child Playing Tennis

Posted by Jordan Snider on Oct 29, 2018 5:00:50 AM

Sports, music, arts and crafts, parents have interests that they would like to share with their children.  So, you have always been passionate about tennis and now you want to share that enjoyment with your child.  Active Kids shares 3 tips on how to ignite life-long passion for tennis and hopefully bypass some child resistance due to parental over-enthusiasm:

  1. Just play tennis with your child.  You can now play tennis in your backyard, driveway and local parks with child-friendly tennis equipment.  Modified children's racquets are smaller and easier to grip and swing, and tennis balls move slower and lower, to allow younger kids to hit the ball more often.  Playing with your kids creates warm life-long memories.
  2. Participate with your child, either practicing with them or volunteering to coach.  Keep it light and share the joys of playing tennis that you treasure.  If you don't play there are other ways to participate, watch a tennis game together or plan a tennis party.
  3. Find age-appropriate organized tennis programs as your child shows more interest.  Look for programs that are fun and introductory to the sport, yet offer your child the benefits of appreciating good sportsmanship, healthy competition, all while making new friends that share their love of tennis.

Work on not overwhelming your child and let them naturally fall in love with the sport.  Tennis is one of those sports that can be played at any age.


For detailed information:  3 Ways to Introduce Kids to Tennis

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