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What Your Kids Can Learn From the Olympics

Posted by Jordan Snider on Jun 27, 2024 9:41:48 AM

The Olympics are a spectacular global celebration that brings together athletes and spectators from every corner of the world. 

Every four years, we witness jaw-dropping athletic feats, hear incredible stories of perseverance, and see the world unite in friendly competition. It's the perfect time to gather the family around the TV, cheer for your favorite teams, and share in the excitement!

Watching the Olympics as a family isn't just fun — it can be educational, too. From learning about different countries and their cultures to understanding the importance of sportsmanship and dedication, the Olympics are a goldmine of teachable moments. 

So, grab your popcorn, wave those flags, and dive into how the Olympics can be a fantastic learning experience for your kids!

Why Parents and Kids Should Enjoy the Olympics Together

The Olympics are a golden opportunity for families to bond, learn, and have a blast together! 

Here’s why you should make the Olympics a family affair:

Bond-Building Through Sports

For families who love sports, what better way to connect than by watching the Olympics?

Cheering for your favorite athletes, celebrating victories, and even sharing in the disappointment of losses can bring you closer together. 

Imagine the excitement of watching a nail-biting race and high-fiving each other when your team wins — these are moments to cherish with your loved ones!

Conversations About Cultural Diversity

The Olympics open up a world of conversation starters about cultural diversity. 

As you watch athletes from different countries, you can discuss their unique cultures and traditions. These discussions can broaden your kids' understanding of the world and foster a sense of curiosity and appreciation for different cultures. 

You might even get inspired to try cooking a dish from a country you're rooting for!

Exploring Geography and History

The geography and history lessons hidden within the Olympics are invaluable. 

You can talk about the different countries participating, their locations on the map, and significant historical moments in Olympic history. This can turn a fun viewing experience into an educational adventure. 

Who knew learning could be so exciting?

Discovering New Sports Together

To make the most of the Olympics, consider setting aside special times to watch new sports or events together. 

This introduces your kids to sports they might not have seen before and gives you a regular family activity to look forward to. Whether gymnastics, archery, or synchronized swimming, there's always something new and exciting to discover at the Olympics! 

Plus, you might find a new favorite sport to follow or even try out as a family.

New Sports for the 2024 Olympics

The Olympics are always full of surprises, and this year is no different! 

With new sports added to the lineup, there's even more, to get excited about. Let's dive into some of these new additions and discover what makes them so thrilling.


Skateboarding is rolling into the Olympics this year, bringing its edgy, high-energy vibe to the global stage. 

Originating from the streets of California, skateboarding has evolved into a dynamic sport that combines creativity with athleticism. Families can join in on the fun by learning the basics, watching highlight reels, or even trying out a local skate park!


Surfing has a rich history that dates back to ancient Polynesia and has become a beloved sport worldwide. It’s all about riding the waves and showcasing impressive tricks. 


Catch the wave of excitement with surfing, another new addition to the Olympics. 

Families can dive into this sport by watching surfing documentaries, learning about famous surf spots, and maybe even planning a beach day to try out some beginner surfing lessons.

Sport Climbing

Get ready to reach new heights with sport climbing! 

This sport challenges athletes to scale walls using strength, strategy, and agility. It’s a thrilling combination of speed, bouldering, and lead climbing. 


Families can visit a local climbing gym to engage with this new Olympic sport, learn the basics of climbing techniques, or watch some exciting climbing competitions together.


Breaking, also known as breakdancing, is spinning its way into the Olympics. 

This energetic and acrobatic form of street dance originated in the Bronx in the 1970s and has since evolved into a globally recognized sport. Families can get involved by watching breaking battles online, learning basic moves, or even joining a local dance class to try some cool spins and freezes.

Engaging with New Sports as a Family

Discovering these new sports can be a fun and educational family activity. Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Learn the basics - Watch introductory videos or tutorials together to understand the rules and techniques.
  • Explore history - Read about the origins and evolution of these sports to appreciate their cultural significance.
  • Get active - Try out the sports yourselves! Whether it's a visit to a climbing gym, a day at the beach, or finding a local skate park, getting hands-on can be a blast.
  • Watch together - Set aside time to watch these new sports during the Olympics, cheer for your favorite athletes, and discuss what you find exciting.

With these new sports in the mix, the Olympics will surely be an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Sports that Aren’t as Popular Get to Shine

The Olympics are the perfect stage for showcasing a variety of sports, including those that don’t always get the spotlight. 

This global event gives lesser-known sports a chance to shine, introducing them to new audiences and sparking interest in unique activities.

Here are a few lesser-known sports featured in the Olympics and what makes them stand out:

Modern Pentathlon

This sport combines fencing, swimming, equestrian show jumping, pistol shooting, and cross-country running. It’s an exciting test of versatility and endurance that captivates kids and adults!


Fast-paced and thrilling, handball involves two teams passing a ball and trying to score by throwing it into the opposing team’s goal. It’s a fantastic mix of strategy and teamwork.

Canoe Slalom

This white-water adventure involves navigating a canoe or kayak through a course of hanging gates on river rapids in the fastest time possible. It’s a thrilling combination of speed and precision.

Trampoline Gymnastics

This sport involves athletes performing acrobatic moves while bouncing on a trampoline. It's a breathtaking display of agility, while the acrobatics and precision of the routines make it a visual treat.

Table Tennis

Known for its rapid pace and intense rallies, table tennis is a highly skilled sport that requires quick thinking and precision. It's a thrilling sport to follow and can be easily played at home!

The Importance of Sportsmanship

The Olympics are a showcase of not just athletic talent but also the spirit of sportsmanship.

Watching the Games provides an excellent opportunity to teach kids the importance of good sportsmanship, whether in victory or defeat — here's how you can use the Olympics to instill these valuable lessons in your children.

The Importance of Good Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship is about respecting your opponents, playing fair, and handling both wins and losses with grace.


Celebrating the effort is part of the Olympic Spirit 

It's an essential life skill that goes beyond sports, teaching kids how to interact respectfully and positively in all areas of life. Emphasizing sportsmanship helps children understand that the journey and effort are just as important as the outcome.

Olympic Examples of Sportsmanship

The Olympics are full of inspiring examples of athletes demonstrating respect, humility, and grace:

  • Respect - Athletes often exchange handshakes, hugs, or kind words after a competition, showing mutual respect regardless of the outcome.
  • Humility - Many Olympic champions acknowledge their opponents' efforts and express gratitude for their support systems, highlighting the importance of staying humble even when at the top.
  • Grace in defeat - Athletes who face defeat often display remarkable grace, congratulating the winners and reflecting positively on their own performance.

Teaching Kids to Handle Losing Gracefully

As a parent, there’s a lot you can do (and say) to help your child deal with the pain of losing.

Here are some tips for parents on teaching kids to express good sportsmanship and handle losing gracefully:

  • Set an example - Children learn by watching their parents. Show them how to handle wins and losses with respect and humility in your own actions.
  • Encourage positive attitudes - Teach your kids to focus on their efforts and improvements rather than just the outcome. Celebrate their progress and hard work.
  • Discuss Olympic moments - Use examples from the Olympics to discuss sportsmanship. Talk about how athletes handle their victories and defeats and what your kids can learn from them.
  • Practice gratitude - Encourage your children to express gratitude for the opportunity to compete, the support they receive, and the effort they put in.
  • Teach Respect - Emphasize the importance of respecting their opponents and acknowledging their skills. Encourage them to congratulate others and appreciate the competition.

Good sportsmanship is a cornerstone of the Olympic spirit and a valuable lesson for kids to carry through life. 

By watching the Olympics and discussing these moments, you can help your children develop respect, humility, and grace, both on and off the field!

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