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Is Volleyball a Good Sport for Kids?

Posted by Jordan Snider on Aug 1, 2023 9:49:28 AM

There is a lot to choose from for kids interested in sports. You have more individual sports, such as tennis. You also have big team sports—soccer, for example. 

Today, we’re talking about volleyball. 

It has a long and rich history, but is it a good sport for your kids? 

Let’s dive in. Below, we’ll talk about the benefits of volleyball and volleyball camps for kids. 

The Benefits of Volleyball For Kids

Volleyball, as with many other sports, has many benefits for kids. However, we’ve picked six of the most significant advantages.

It’s a Great Way to Exercise

Volleyball is a high-energy sport—no matter which position your child plays, they’ll be moving around at high speed! 


It’s essentially a full-body workout. The arms, legs, core, and especially the cardiovascular system get an intense workout. Stamina increases, muscular endurance increases, and children can see many other health benefits from playing volleyball regularly. 

It’s a Non-Contact Sport

For some parents, we understand that contact sports can be troubling. 

Luckily, volleyball is a non-contact sport—with a net separating both teams, there’s no contact between players on opposing teams. It’s all about working with your team to send the ball over the net. 

While even non-contact sports can pose a risk for injuries, these are drastically reduced when there isn’t any contact between teams. 

It’s a Chance to Meet New People

Volleyball is a team sport—you have two teams of six players, and typically, there are some substitutions for every position.


That’s several chances for your child to make new friends with similar interests!

There are a lot of sports out there for kids to build relationships, but for those who prefer volleyball, the team aspect gives them a chance to socialize and make new lifelong friends while doing something they love. 

It Teaches Kids How to Overcome Challenges

Volleyball involves many skills that will need to be learned, such as volleying, bumping, and spiking. 

That’s not to mention footwork and positioning, too.

Learning the fundamentals presents new challenges to overcome. It’s fantastic to watch our children break through these hurdles, but what’s even better is that this translates to their later lives in school and even further down the line in their careers. The ability to persevere and overcome challenges is a life lesson that is never forgotten. 

It Teaches Them Life Skills

Speaking of life skills—like many other sports, volleyball is an excellent place for kids to learn and practice traits that will serve them in the coming years.

  • Teamwork: As a member of a six-person team in volleyball, your child will need to learn to work with their teammates to create the best shot.
  • Communication: Hand-in-hand with teamwork is communication—it’s hard to work as a team if you aren’t communicating! Calling out their shots and what they’re doing helps everyone on the team understand what to do.
  • Leadership: Natural leaders will thrive in volleyball, and it’s a skill that can be practiced by playing. Great leaders are mentors. Experienced players can mentor younger players to develop their talents and build confidence.
  • Decision-making: Volleyball involves quick decision-making to keep up with the game's fast-paced nature. Players must make strategic decisions quickly to gain an edge over their opponents.

What do all of these attributes have in common? They’re all skills that translate to the future. 

It’s a Fun and Exciting Sport!

Put simply: Volleyball is fun and exciting!

We understand that it’s not for everyone, but if your child has expressed interest in playing, we’re happy to tell you that it’s an accessible sport with a lot going on. There are many opportunities to learn new skills; nothing feels better than working with your teammates to get that perfect shot and score a point! 

Should Your Child Participate in Volleyball Camp?

Convinced that volleyball is the right sport for your child?

If so, consider looking into a volleyball summer camp.

As a provider of volleyball camps, we know it’s a fantastic environment for kids interested in volleyball for several reasons.

Here are some of those. 

It’s a Fun Summer Activity

For some kids, finding something to do regularly in the summer can be tough. 

Sure, having a summer vacation from school is great, but it’s also important to maintain some form of structure—especially with younger children. 

Volleyball camp allows kids to have fun playing a sport they’re interested in and introduces some structure to the summer vacation. It also gives them something to look forward to daily—they’re playing a sport with friends, after all!

It Helps Them Learn the Fundamentals of Volleyball

While summer camps are generally all about meeting new people, there’s plenty of great instruction and teaching from coaches and coordinators.

For newcomers, volleyball camp can help them learn the fundamentals of the game. We’re talking rules, serving, different positions, and more. Kids can learn at their own pace with guided instruction and even some one-on-one time with coaches.

For veterans, volleyball camp can help them fine-tune their game. More advanced skills, such as footwork, can be taught and learned. 

No matter your child’s age or skill level, volleyball camp is an awesome environment for them to continue to learn! 

It Allows Them to Make New Friends

One of our favorite things about providing summer camps is seeing new lifelong friendships form. When you have kids all participating in an activity or a sport that they love with others who share similar interests, new friendships are bound to be made! 


We know getting kids off the screens and outside with friends can be challenging. For others, making friends can be tricky—and that’s okay. At volleyball summer camp, kids get the chance to meet new people and form friendships that can last a lifetime.

It Helps Get Them Ready for Volleyball Season

When volleyball season comes around, you’ll want your child to be ready.

Volleyball camp can help.

Whether they’re trying out for the school team or looking to hone their skills and dominate when the season comes around, volleyball camp prepares them for what’s ahead. It’s a great place for kids to improve their game and continue playing when volleyball season starts at school! 

Looking For the Best Volleyball Camp for Your Child? 

If you’re looking for a volleyball camp in Long Island or the Manhattan area, our brand new Camp Comparison Checklist lets you easily compare and contrast summer tennis camp costs, activities, dates, and locations—all in one convenient location. No more worrying about choosing the perfect camp. 

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